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Some Great Prom Hairstyling Tips and Ideas for today

The prom is the single most glamorous event for a young lady who is graduating from high school. Since the hair is a very important accessory for this occasion, the choices of prom hairstyles should be as important as prom dresses and shoes. Whether the hair is long, short, in-between length, or curly, there is a style that will make any young woman stand out. Here are some tips and ideas on prom hairstyles for women of all hair textures and lengths, and for every face shape.

Prom Hairstyles and Ideas For Long Hair

Long hair can be the perfect backdrop for some of the most glamorous prom hairstyles. Straight and sleek, full and wavy, or piled high atop the head, the ideas are nearly endless for creating one of many memorable prom hairstyles for long hair.

Here are a couple of ideas for straight prom hairstyles.

Brush hair over one shoulder. Using gold, silver, or colored tinsel thread or ribbon that matches the prom dress, and make a braid, weaving the thread or ribbon throughout the entire length of the braid. Cut away the excess thread or ribbon if needed and catch the end of the braid with a covered band. This style can be worn sleek and straight, or a fringe of bangs or tendrils can be added, depending on preference or face shape. Another variation is to wear the braid straight down the back instead of at the side. The look can be achieved with a regular braid, a French braid, or a fishtail braid. A second person may be needed to help with the braid.


For a high forehead, bangs or fringe in the front may be more flattering. A wide face could appear slimmer by combing some loose tendrils of hair to the sides of the face.

Ribbon or thread can also be used in updo’s such as buns or topknots. Thread it through the hair as the bun is being rolled or add the ribbon or thread afterward to make it more visible. Pin it in place with hairpins as you go along. Tinsel thread or ribbon can add a glamorous touch to an ordinary hairstyle and make it extraordinary.

Long, loose curls and waves are always flattering as prom hairstyles. They can be worn over one shoulder or just hang down freely. They can be accessorized with attractive barrettes, headbands or even flowers. Long, curly or wavy hair usually works with all face shapes and all hair types. If the hair is naturally curly or wavy, half the battle is already won. For tightly curled natural hair, a heavy conditioner added to soaking wet hair and a roller set will be needed to loosen the curl. After hair is rolled, stay under a warm hooded dryer until hair is completely dry. After curlers are removed, hair can be finger combed for more defined curls, or combed out with a wide-tooth comb. If using the latter method, fluff hair with fingers to bring some wave definition to the hair after it is combed out. Naturally straight hair can also be roller set or blow dried and curled with a curling iron. If the hair doesn’t hold a curl very well, finish with a firm holding spray.

Sleek, straight styles can also look gorgeous at the prom, especially if the hair is shiny and healthy, with no visible split ends. Full, straight bangs are still very popular and can be worn with any sleek style, up or down. A full bang with a large sleek bun on top looks great on just about any face shape. Or just let it all hang down straight and sleek with a slight bend on the ends. With or without bangs, this look works on most face shapes as well.


The most flattering way to wear straight prom hairstyles for women with long, slender faces would probably be with bangs or a side part. A center part would be likely to add attention to or exaggerate the length of the face.

Straight styles can be dressed also be dressed up with decorative headbands, barrettes, or flowers to give the style even more pizzaz. Also, for those who love the look of long hair but don’t have that enviable length naturally, extensions are a viable option today for anyone. For best results, have extensions added to the hair by a licensed professional.

Prom Hairstyles and Ideas For Medium-Length Hair

Medium length hair does not have to be boring, in fact some say that it is the most versatile length for prom hairstyles. Medium hair can be styled in elegant updo’s, classy bobs, straight, wavy, or curly styles. That bouncy, just at or just above the shoulders length is in fact the best length for many styles, and can be worn in a number of ways, including ponytails, braids, or buns.

Try updating the classic look of Marcel waves by weaving colorful tinsel thread throughout select portions of the hair. The color can either match the beautiful prom dress or it can be a sharp (but flattering) contrast for even more impact. If the dress is either black or white, any color tinsel thread will make the look pop. Add colorful jewelry and/or shoes for an unforgettable look.

A high side ponytail is a flattering look for most women. To make it as dressy as other prom hairstyles, brush hair up and over to the desired side and catch with a glittery, covered band. Using fingers, fluff ponytail until desired curl pattern is achieved. The look can be finished by pulling out select strands to add tendrils, if desired.

A sleek bob is an elegant look that never goes out of style, and looks most flattering on medium-length hair. Worn with or without bangs, these types of prom hairstyles look best when hair is shiny, healthy, and neatly trimmed at the ends. Hair can be slightly bent upwards or down at the ends, or it could just hang down in a blunt cut. To dress it up a bit, a few strands of tinsel thread can be weaved in the bangs or in select areas of the hair.


If bangs are not thick enough on their own, strips of human hair can be added to give the look of full bangs. This is also a good idea for those who only want to wear bangs temporarily for their prom hairstyles and don’t want to cut them into their own hair.

Unexpected pops of color using a temporary color spray can also add a little more flair to many of these prom hairstyles. The haircolor spray looks best when applied to select areas of the hair instead of all over. A thick stripe of color in thick bangs or just a stripe or two in front of an updo can add a lot of impact. Match the color with the prom dress or, if the dress is solid black or white, use a bold pop of color to add special interest to either of these prom hairstyles.

Prom Hairstyles and Ideas For Short Hair

For those who think shorter hairstyles for women don’t have the same flair as longer lengths, think again! Short prom hairstyles can be classy, stylish, chic, and elegant, the same as longer lengths of hairstyles for women. The great thing about short hairstyles is that there is a style that flatters every facial shape that there is. Depending on how short the hair, short prom hairstyles can also be worn up and away from the face, or with bangs, just as with longer lengths.

Waves or pincurled styles can be very elegant prom hairstyles. Gelled fingerwaves with a bit of temporary haircolor spray weaving its way through a few of the waves will add a lot of pizzaz to these classic prom hairstyles. Tinsel thread, colored yarn, or thin strips of colored ribbon weaved through the style following the wave pattern of the hair will add that “wow” factor to the look. Of course, “hair jewelry” such as goldtone or silvertone barrettes, decorative combs and/or headbands can help dress up the look of any of the shorter prom hairstyles and make the woman of the hour feel like a queen.

Another idea is to make curly “extensions” from colorful ribbon. To do, cut the ribbon in half to make thin strips. Using the scissors that you used to cut the ribbon, open the scissors and run one blade firmly up and down each strip to form “curls” of ribbon. When the desired amount of ribbon curls is created, set aside and brush and comb the hair upward toward the center, or straight down, whichever you prefer. If the hair is long enough it can be caught at the top with a covered band or ponytail holder. If not, just brush hair smoothly straight back. Pin ribbon curls firmly at the crown of the head as if it were an updo. They should cover the ponytail if the hair is pulled up in a band, or they can just be placed atop of slicked-back hair. Ribbon extensions are sure to make one-of-a-kind prom hairstyles.


To make sure that the ribbons attach firmly to the hair without slipping, one idea is to glue them to plain, small decorative hair combs. To do: Apply a very thin strip of clear glue, such a a silicone glue to the edge of one of the combs. Be careful not to get glue on the teeth of the comb. Quickly add strips of ribbon to the strip of glue. Immediately wipe off any excess with a damp cotton ball. Be sure to cover the entire length of the comb with the ribbon. Go on to the next comb and continue until the desired amount of combs are covered. Lay combs on a flat surface until dry. When completely dry, they can be easily placed in the hair without fear of slippage.

Sleek short hairstyles, elegant feathered cuts with colored wispy bangs, pixie cuts and short bobs with or without full bangs are only some of the elegant prom hairstyles that can be worn with short hair. Pixies with spiked tops are still all the rage and are still among some of the more popular prom hairstyles for women with short hair.

Prom Hairstyles and Ideas For Curly Hair

For those young women with curly hair, don’t feel as if the curls have to be straightened for the prom, embrace those lovely curls instead! Although some curls can be a bit unruly and untamed, there are methods for taming those curls and still keeping their curly beauty. There are many beautiful prom hairstyles for women with curly hair but it starts with using the proper products for the hair.

Curly hair typically needs a heavier conditioning treatment than other hair types. However, there are different types of curly hair that need to be addressed according to its type. Some hair types have a very tight curl pattern, such as African American hair. Others may have a silkier curl and some curly hair is difficult to style because it is curlier in some areas than in others and it is hard to get a uniform look. If the curly hair is fine textured, a really heavy conditioner may not be ideal because it will pull the hair down and make it appear limp. On the other hand, those with full, brittle, voluminous curls will benefit from a deep conditioning treatment or a hot oil treatment.

To tame unruly thick curls, deep condition hair first. While hair is soaking wet, apply a creamy leave in conditioner. Comb hair in small sections and roll, applying additional conditioner to each section just before rolling. Let hair dry completely. For tighter curls, use small curlers. For larger, looser curls, use large curlers. After setting, hair can be finger combed and left as is, or it can be pinned up in the back, forming a French roll. Leave the top of the hair loose and styled into a high, cloudlike pouffe. This is only one of the many elegant prom hairstyles for women with curly hair but there are many more.


Other curly hair types such as unevenly textured curls can also benefit from the above method. This method will make the curls more uniform and give the style more of a polished look. Several types of prom hairstyles for women with this hair type can be achieved using this method.

As with all hair types, prom hairstyles for women with curly hair can be embellished with hair jewelry, barrettes, headbands, colored tinsel thread, beads, etc. Longer curly hair can be french braided down the back of the head and embellished with pearls or beads. Allow some of the curls to peek out in the front as bangs or curly tendrils on the side of the face to add softness.

Curly prom hairstyles for women with short hair can be pulled back with a colorful headband with the curls fluffed out in back. This flattering look, like curly hair itself, is suitable for most any face shape.


Trends For Prom Hairstyles in 2012

For prom season 2012, we will be seeing a lot of updo’s, braided do’s, full bangs, and curls, all with unexpected pops of color. There will be extensions to add length and/or fullness to those prom hairstyles which require extra fullness and length. Sleek and bouncy shoulder-length bobs with or without bangs will be a frequent sight. Shorter prom hairstyles will stand out beautifully as well. Softer spikes will make their appearance, along with bobs, curls and soft finger-waves. The look will be softer this season, not like the stiff spikes and waves of a few years ago. Hair will have more movement and will be more touchable. Color and hair accessories such as tinsel thread, beads, and all types of hair jewelry, will remain an important part of a well-dressed prom hairstyle. The young woman with the more daring personality may even sport hair accessories such as feathers and colored yarn to complete their overall prom look. Flowers, real or artificial ones with a comb attachment will also be seen as a finishing touch in some prom hairstyles.

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