Prom Hairstyling Tips and Ideas

Prom Dress, Shoes and Accessories

The Prom Dress, the Prom Shoes and the Accessories

The prom hairstyle is the crowning touch to the overall look, but don’t forget the dress, shoes, and accessories. They are also major stars in the entire package. Match the shoes with the dress for the biggest impact at the prom. If the hair, dress, and shoes are glittery, keep jewelry such as earrings and necklaces simple. A simple, strapless satin dress in black or white can really pop with dazzling jewelry, brightly colored satin shoes, and a satin clutch in a color to match the shoes. A brightly colored sequined dress would only need a single necklace and perhaps a pair of drop earrings and matching bracelet. Long satin gloves can give each look even more a formal finishing touch.